Whitney Houston’s Family’s Reality Show: A Disgrace


Lord knows whenever someone close to me dies tragically in a bathtub, I call my agent and line up a reality show so I can grieve about it on camera, right?


And I’m not exactly the height of self promotional restraint either.

And so, the imminent The Houstons: On Our Own show for Lifetime premiering Wednesday–sounds every bit as exploitive and misguided as the ghastly one Whitney and Bobby did some years ago.

You can’t even say it’s “too soon” because the right date for this sort of thing would be the 12th of Never!

Anyone who needs to act out their issues on camera while advancing their own visibility and career is the kind of person who would nurture a troubled…

No, let me not go there.

Let me let these people grieve in private–I mean on camera!!

Cissy and Dionne and the gang should be allowed to work out their personal drama with dignity and respect. (“Three…two…one…and action!”)

I’m not sure daughter Bobbi Kristina–who’s in the show–is getting the right messages from all this exploiting, I mean grieving.

But if she makes a few bucks from it, I hope she spends it on some good schooling–and maybe some flowers for mama’s grave.