Don’t Get On An Obama Email Feed!


It’s not that I don’t want to hear all the great news about his superior views.

It’s just that I don’t want to be bombarded with them all the livelong day.

Between two sources (“Obama For America Press” and, I seem to get most of my email these days. They are relentless–and when there’s a debate, like there was last night, they are even more so.

Here’s just a sampling of the subject headers sent to me last night alone, in reverse order (because they’re still coming in).

President Obama Scored A Decisive Win Last Night

La Opinion Endorses President Obama

Campaign Manager Jim Messina and Senior Strategist David Axelrod to Address State of the Race

Vice President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden to Campaign in Virginia

OFA Releases New Ad: “Determination” [Corrected]

Romney Debate Strategy: Pretend to Agree With the President

OFA Release New TV Ad: Determination”

Fact Check: Romney Stands Shoulder to Shoulder with Cheney, Bush…

Statement: There Was One Comander-in-Chief Tonight

When President Obama Stood Up To China, Romney Called It Bad For Our Nation….

STATEMENT: Mitt Romney Still Doesn’t Get It When It Comes To America’s Veterans

More Reviews, Polls Say Obama Won Debate

At Halftime, Romney Is All Over The Map on Foreign Policy

President Obama Continues to Show What a Commander-in-Chief Looks Like

President Obama: We Have Fewer Horses and Bayonets

President Obama: China Must Play By The Rules

Romnesia: Mitt Romney Would Have Just “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”

President Obama Strong Out of the Gate, Romney Unsteady…

Obama Continues Strong Performance, Romney Showing He Isn’t Qualified

Mitt Romney Would Take Us Back

Romney Repeats Debunked Claim About Apologizing for America

President Obama Has a Plan To Do Some Nation Building Here at Home

Romney Has No Counterterrorism Plan, Been Too Focused on Russia as Our #1 Foe

President Obama’s Strong and Steady Leadership

And on and on…

Yes, that was just a sampling!

I can’t wait till Obama’s re-elected so his people can stop telling me how great he is.