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“Billy On The Street” Comic Takes On Sandra Bullock, Rachael Ray, And Grindr


This week’s column is a riotous romp with Billy Eichner, the gay comic who became known for Billy on the Street segments where he accosted New Yorkers and asked them things like “Is Brad Pitt the kind of white guy you’d like to fuck?” and “Rachael Ray is like a little demon stuck inside a goat.”

(I know that’s not technically a question, but still.)

Well, that segment became the Fuse TV game show Billy on the Street (returning in December), where accosting strangers meets pop trivia, as hilarity rules.

And it was fun to accost Billy for a change and get some answers.

And he truly delivered.

Stuff about his obsession with Meryl, his refusal to stick with Grindr, his non-greenlit pilot with Joan Rivers, and his burning need to be the next Helena Bonham Carter.

Enjoy, stranger!