Religious Group Tries to Knock NY’s Same-Sex Marriage Law and Fails . . . Again


Over the summer, we reported on this little evangelical group from Spencerport, New York, called the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom. The organization stands on that ever-tipsy fence between religion and politics; its website’s mantra states that “as a Christian ministry, NYCF exists to influence legislation and legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ.” And a main part of this “influence” application is directed toward New York’s Marriage Equality Act (read: dismantling it).

In July, the group’s lawsuit, which is based around the argument that the law was illegally created behind closed doors, was rejected by the New York state appeals court in Livingston County. The decision reaffirmed the rights of homosexuals to get married and sent the evangelicals packing. Except, at the end of the article, we mentioned that the group “might try to take another wack at the law by taking the case to the next (and final) level of appeals, the New York State Court of Appeals. But a unanimous decision at this stage in an omen for the group’s legal future.”
Guess they didn’t take our advice.

Yesterday, the New York State Court of Appeals didn’t even give them the time of day in court to state their arguments, thus killing their legislative legal challenge in one fell swoop. Once again, this builds upon the notion established by the last court’s decision: Same-sex marriage in New York is here to stay, and there is nothing you can do about it. Governor Cuomo was in absolute agreement with the court:

“With the court’s decision, same-sex couples no longer have to worry that their right to marry can be legally challenged in this state. The freedom to marry in this state is secure for generations to come.”
Well, that marks the end of the road for NYCF. It looks like, after being denied twice, they’re not taking the “third time is a charm” route. Instead, the group is going to concentrate on defending the farm owners upstate who refuse to let lesbians get married on their property.
Yeah, you guys, just keep doing what you’re doing.