The Brownie Boy: Scarf Some Saturday Sweet at Smorgasburg


As if you need one more excuse to go to a food market during post-swimsuit season, here’s another: The Brownie Boy is now serving Smorgasburg’s weekend grazers. For a mere $3 (a bargain considering the use of Valrhona chocolate), you get a dense, moist brownie that’s hefty enough to share — but no one will judge if you don’t. The boy behind the delectable flavors like White Vanilla Bean and Dulce de Leche is Mario Grosso, whose story from cubicle drone to baker extraordinaire is impressive to say the least.

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After finding little passion in the corporate world, Grosso found his way out a rut through flour, sugar, and butter. Over the course of two difficult, though tasty years, he taught himself to bake and develop original signature recipes from scratch. Once people started asking for the recipe, Grosso turned entrepreneur and decided to start charging his sweet-toothed fans. The superb taste and texture is refined through his passion to bring customers back to a slower, simpler era when pre-packaged, ready-made brownies weren’t even developed.

The Brownie Boy logo also pays homage to a piece of family history, as the sea-foam blue on the business cards and website matches the same hue as a mixing bowl that had been passed down to Grosso by his great-grandmother. That might just be sweet enough to justify buying each of the six flavors before he sells out every Saturday.