Are Food Trucks Terrorist Threats? The FDNY Seems to Think So.


We knew the Wafels and Dinges truck was too good to be true!

According to a recent PowerPoint presentation obtained by the research group Public Intelligence, the Fire Department of New York has been warning its members to keep their eyes out for food trucks of all shapes and sizes. The reason? Well, with more than 3,100 of these guys roaming the streets in large vans each year, a black market for permits is a viable reality. And what’s synonymous with the black market? Terrorism.
Unfortunately, the presentation, entitled “Food Trucks: A Transient Hazard,” makes a few good points. Sorry in advance but this is the kind of story that you wish you never heard.
For starters, think about the number of food carts in heavily populated areas, like Times Square and FiDi. You know how many halal trucks are downtown? A lot. Believe me.
Then think about the “high-profile” areas they can enter with ease. Also, the Department of Homeland Security is mentioned in the presentation as saying that a food truck is about the same size as a surveillance van. Like the ones the Nixon administration followed Woodward and Bernstein with, except much more dangerous.
OK, we’ll stop because we’re scaring ourselves. Yeah, food trucks could be possible terrorism threats. Watch the presentation yourself and go on with your day. Just don’t tell the guys over at Fork in the Road about this. Please.