The People Who Read The Most In America Are….


Young people!

Everyone always complains that “The new generation has no idea how to read blah blah, and they’ve lost out on a treasured art form blah blah,” but it turns out that’s not so at all.

According to a new survey, the most likely book readers in America are high school students, college-age adults, and people in their 30s.

In other words, young people!

Yes, some of those people have to read because they were assigned it for school, but some of them actually just want to.

And in fact, e-book usage is highest among 30 somethings, whereas people under 30 will read e-books on a computer or a cell phone more often than an e-book reader or tablet.

(Gosh, I’m just full of fascinating statistics, aren’t I? I learned them by reading.)

By the way, the folks who read the least happen to be people over 65, but fortunately, a lot of them seem to have found their way over to this blog.

Must be the large print and easy topics!