Three Locks For Best Actor Already


That’s what insiders are saying–the kind of insiders who are usually right sometimes.

Oscar’s Best Actor locks already seem to be:

Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln

Duh. We knew this the second the movie was announced.

Denzel Washington for Flight

People are so happy he got a quality script again, they want to reward him. The nomination will be Oscar’s version of frequent flier miles.

John Hawkes for The Sessions

A paraplegic in an iron lung having intercourse for the first time–and with an Oscar winner? Can’t miss.

The other two nominees will probably come from the following possibilities:

Joaquin Phoenix for The Master. The movie lost money, but he was amazing and Harvey will give it a big push.

Richard Gere for Arbitrage. Guilt over his never having been nominated could work in his favor.

Matt Damon in Promised Land. It’s by Gus Van Sant, who did Good Will Hunting, Matt’s last Best Actor nod.

Bill Murray for Hyde Park on Hudson. You can never have enough Presidents in one category.

Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock. Though Hitch himself oddly never won for Director.

Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook. Mainly because The Hangover III hasn’t come out yet, lol.

Jamie Foxx for Django Unchained. Which I insist on calling Dreamgirls Unchained.

And Hugh Jackman for Les Miserables. It requires great courage to sing live–and wear that beard!

We shall see–in only two and a half months.