Tommorow: Our 10 Best Things to Eat Around Union Square


Will Pizza Bash, on the east side of the square, make the cut? If judgments were based on sidewalk statuary alone, it certainly would win.

Twenty years ago, you wouldn’t have recognized Union Square. Instead of students sunning themselves, there were sketchy characters selling loose joints. Instead of soaring residential towers, there were vacant storefronts. And the culinary offerings — other than stuff that came from kebab carts and Mister Softee trucks — were limited to a couple of pizzerias and forward-thinking culinary pioneers like Union Square Café and Coffee Shop.

Now things are different, and Union Square has one of the most interesting collections of cafés, carryouts, and restaurants, and the area is made even more desirable by the impromptu collection of trucks parked on the west side of the park most days. Those are fair game for Our 10 Best, too, with the caveat that they won’t always be there when you go looking for them.

So please join us bright and early tomorrow morning for Our 10 Best Things to Eat Around Union Square. We guarantee some surprises, and please have your own favorite places ready for the comments section.

Produce from the farmers’ market that assembles four days out of the week in Union Square is often to be found on the menu of restaurants in the vicinity.