Yarn, Bitchery, And Twinks Entertainingly Collided At DragKnit


DragKnit was last night’s New York magazine-hosted event at Benetton’s pop-up store at 135 Crosby Street, combining stitch work with some pieces of work who are a stitch.

Drag star Paige Turner cohosted with LT from Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels, serving medleys, trivia contests, giveaways, and some zingers.

After synching a tribute to Kelly Clarkson, Paige generously noted, “Kelly Clarkson really can sing. Who cares if she’s fat? We love her.”

Giving away tickets to Scandalous, Paige remarked, “The show no one’s heard of! And here’s a CD sampler. If the show flops and doesn’t get recorded, you can sell this on ebay.”

Then LT performed with Clint Spires–together they’re the dance duo the Kiki Twins, with lots of pose-striking and whooshing hair–after which yours truly was brought out to pick the winner of the night’s Instagram contest, along with promoter Ian Lane.

We selected a photo of four fresh-scrubbed twinks, which had such flawless composition it looked like a nouveaux Meet The Beatles cover.

Besides, the photographer’s surname is one letter off from everyone’s favorite word: His name is Adam Hostler.

All in all, it was a Benetton of fun.