Here’s Some Old-Timey Video of New York’s 1938 Hurricane — Which Was Not Caused By “Global Warming”


The Global Warming crowd is claiming that climate change is part of the reason that a hurricane is about absolutely crush New York City.

“Substantial evidence indicates that global warming may be responsible for the recent increasing intensity of Atlantic hurricanes, including increasing their size and contributing to a lengthening hurricane season,” the group Climate Nexus said in a press release last week.

The group gives the impression that hurricanes can be blamed on “Global Warming” because hurricanes don’t usually find their way as far north as New York and New England. But “Global Warming” wasn’t supposedly happening in 1938, when New York also got slammed by a deadly hurricane.
The video embedded above shows footage taken around New York City during the 1938 hurricane, during which roughly 800 people were killed throughout New York and New England.

Winds in that storm reached at least 160 mph and caused $360 million in damage — in 1938 dollars.

During the 1938 storm, the East River flooded three blocks inland in Manhattan, and people reported that the wind caused the Empire State Building to sway.

Again, no “Global Warming” in 1938. Just weather.