In Red Hook, Fishing in a Hurricane


At the edge of Erie Basin’s dark grey water, in the mandatory evacuation area of low-lying Red Hook, two men in patched up rain gear fished away the afternoon, with plans to return to their homes nearby before Hurricane Sandy makes landfall and the rain and wind begin to pick up speed.

Many locals have chosen to stay put here, despite being in Zone A. They’ve stocked up on provisions at C-Town and Fairway, made one last liquor-store run, taped up their windows and are hoping for the best. But few have ventured to Red Hook’s harbors to fish–a regular sight on sunny days–as the water levels rise dangerously.

“This maniac over here dragged me out of bed! Said ‘buddy, let’s go fishing today.’ Today?” The two men laughed heartily together, then got back to the business of watching their lines in the steady drizzle.

So far, they say the fish aren’t biting and they expect to go home soon, empty handed. It’s nearly 2 o’ clock.