The Most Bizarre Music-Based Halloween Costumes of 2012


It’s the Halloween season once again, and weather permitting (guess what … IT’S NOT PERMITTING) soon the streets will be flooded with people of all ages in costumes, ready to party. This year, there’s a surprising number of costume options for the discerning music fan, so we decided to investigate every pop-up Halloween store we could find to track down all of the Music-Based Halloween costumes 2012 had to offer! Be advised, things quickly got weird.

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The Official Costumes

Lady Gaga

Starting things off we have this entry from Lady Gaga’s official line of Halloween costumes. Well detailed, this one looks fittingly authentic and fun.


The same could largely be said for this late-era official full-body Elvis costume EXCEPT that, despite being $87.99, it DOESN’T include the glasses or hair. That’s not alright now, mama.

The Knock-Offs

“Royal Rocker”

Once we got that this was a Purple Rain-era Prince costume (the model’s Slash-ish hair momentarily perplexed us), we thought, for an unofficial release, it really doesn’t look that bad. However, the label didn’t say whether or not it was purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

“Grunge Wig”

Say, does this look like Kurt Cobain’s hair to you? It kind of seems like this is Kurt Cobain’s hair to us. The same company released a similar item with Guy Fieri-looking hair called “Television Chef Wig,” so we’re guessing the resemblance is a little more than coincidental.

“Lil Bee”

What?! This toddler costume looks absolutely NOTHING like the Based God! Oh, wait….

The Confusing

We knew when we saw this very sign hanging over head that we were in for a treat. Think about this, we live in a time when “Pimp Rapper” is not only an acceptable mass-marketed Halloween costume, but it carries enough possibilities to warrant an entire section of a costume store. People, this is progress.

Rap Star Jacket

This is one of those jackets like all the hottest rap stars wear, right? I mean, we guess it kind of looks like an MC Hammer jacket, but the sheer number of these in 2012 makes me wonder if there’s a particular part of the country in high demand of MC Hammer costumes and, if so, will they let us into their party?

Rap Idol

This one, I have absolutely no idea. I see, maybe, some nods to Vanilla Ice or Radio-era LL Cool J here, but in terms of being something called “rap idol,” I’m nonplussed. Wouldn’t “rap enthusiast” make more sense and, ideally, get more candy?

Hip-Hop Fishnet Shirt

Have you ever been to a hip-hop event? Have you ever witnessed someone at any of those events wearing a fishnet shirt? We can see the numerous costume options for a fishnet shirt, but the idea that this is a specifically “hip-hop” fishnet shirt boggles our minds.

But who says humans should have all the musical fun on Halloween? Being that they can hear significantly better than us anyway, let’s take a look at the costumes available for dogs!

The Dogs

“Rock ‘N’ Roll King”

This year, California Costumes Collections has debuted a brand new line of costumes for dogs called Pup-A-Razzi. These detailed costumes are perfect for pet-owners who want their best friend dressed up as Elvis….

“Pop King”

…or Michael Jackson (one paw’s sequenced glove doesn’t seem to be included)…

“Pop Queen”

…or, wait, is that a Madonna costume? Yes, yes it is. We live in a time where a “Blond Ambition”-era Madonna costume for dogs exists. Halloween truly is the most wonderful time of the year.