Want Another Warm Croissant? Here Are a Few More.


Bouchon Bakery — The croissant is lighter than most at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery, with an open texture and a slightly sweet aftertaste, you could easily eat two or three of these. 10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor, 212-823-9366

Fork in the Road ate loads of croissants in pursuit of the 5 Best Croissants in NYC, and here are a few of the runners-up, in no particular order. It really was a blast tasting so many croissants within a 48-hour period, and now we’re in the kitchen making the leftovers into bread pudding as the wind howls like a banshee outside.

Sullivan Street Bakery Chelsea — Jim Lahey’s croissant is sweet, glossed with a light caramelized coating, like one of his dessert pastries at Sullivan Street Bakery. Not a bad idea, but not the savory buttered morsel you might want at breakfast. 236 Ninth Avenue, 212-929-5900

Sarabeth’s — This is a great, safe choice for a croissant, no fireworks, but a nice buttery aftertaste and good texture. 423 Amsterdam Avenue, 212-496-6280

Amy’s Bread — This is a fine croissant, but one that goes, not surprisingly, in a bready direction, making it perfect for croissant sandwiches. 672 Ninth Avenue, 212-462-4338