New East Village Knowledge


That people who hold coffee cups that emit visible steam will be approached and questioned about the origin of their beverage three times a minute (on average).

That joggers are a breed whose durability ranks just below the A-bomb-proof cockroach and that these dedicated runners own expensive-looking Nike Hurricane gear. (Fluorescents are in this season.)

That you can always get a hoagie from a bodega. Always.

That New Yorkers have been training their entire lives for life without “Don’t Walk” signals.

That the city’s Parks Department employees usually have a hard and thankless job, but their duties this week didn’t fall under the latter, as multiple passersby expressed their appreciation to the workers clearing the drainage systems in East River Park. I also learned that the Four Tops have never sounded better than they did blasting from the open doors of a Parks Department pickup truck.

That lines for unlit pizzerias can stretch down the block and that the people in those lines can’t help but smile and talk at length about the smell.

That the only thing more wonderful than the smell of hot pizza is the sound of “Free ice cream!” coming from two grocery store employees standing next to carts full of Ben & Jerry’s on St. Marks.

That the cliché is true: New Yorkers really do come together in times of crisis. If you cut someone off on Second Avenue, however, you are still going to get the bird flipped at you with righteous ferocity.