Rounding Up Post-Sandy Restaurant Reviews


Due to, well, you know, many of city’s critics have not published restaurant reviews this week. However, a few of New York’s professional diners were able to eat through the storm. Here’s how they fared.

New York’s Adam Platt advises diners to “listen closely to the chef’s specialties”, at Angolo Soho, where “the menu is filled with comfortingly generic items.”

Pete Wells has mixed feelings about Talde, noting that while “the dining room ticked along briskly” when the spot opened last January, some kitchen efficiency has worn off. He awards the restaurant one star.

Coverage of New York’s mammoth steakhouses eat the page at the NY Post. Steve Cuozzo notes that “detractors of newer steakhouses should acknowledge that the craving for beef by a more sophisticated clientele has raised the bar across the board.”

Ryan Sutton orders “supremely delicious” bacon sandwiches at La Vara in Cobble Hill and decides New York is “entering a Golden Age of Iberian cuisine.” He gives the spot 2 1/2 stars.