Mike Bloomberg Gives Obama Luke-Warm Endorsement; Cites Global Warming, Hurricane


New York City Mike Bloomberg has announced his pick in this year’s presidential election, in a surprise endorsement that was likely brought on by the hurricane that ripped through the Northeast earlier this week.

Bloomberg, an Independent, who has said for months that he wasn’t sure whether he’d give an official tip of the cap to either candidate, wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg Views this afternoon announcing that he’s (kinda-sorta) endorsing President Barack Obama in this year’s election.

His reason: the possibility of global warming.

“The devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to New York City and much
of the Northeast — in lost lives, lost homes and lost business —
brought the stakes of next Tuesday’s presidential election into sharp
relief,” Bloomberg writes.

“Our climate is changing, and while the increase in extreme
weather we have experienced in New York City and around the world may or
may not be the result of it, the risk that it may be — given the
devastation it is wreaking — should be enough to compel all elected
leaders to take immediate action.”

Bloomberg’s op-ed echoes
statements he made during a press conference yesterday, at which he
basically said that regardless of whether you believe in “Global
Warming,” it’s better to err on the side of caution.

But the
mayor’s endorsement wasn’t an endorsement of the job the president’s
done while in office — Bloomberg seems as disappointed as
anyone in the job Obama’s done over the last four years.

“In 2008, Obama ran as a pragmatic problem-solver and
consensus-builder. But as president, he devoted little time and
effort to developing and sustaining a coalition of centrists,
which doomed hope for any real progress on illegal guns,
immigration, tax reform, job creation and deficit reduction,” the mayor writes. “And
rather than uniting the country around a message of shared
sacrifice, he engaged in partisan attacks and has embraced a
divisive populist agenda focused more on redistributing income
than creating it.”

See Bloomberg’s op-ed here.