The Best Things We Ate During Sandy


Some of us might have been without power and water these past few days, but here’s how our team has been stress eating (and cooking!) our way through the storm:

Tejal Rao: I’ve cooked more in the past two days than I have in months. I roasted chickens larded with fat from a country ham over fennel and onions, then made tacos with the leftover meat. When the water started coming into my apartment, I moved to a friend’s where we had grilled cheese sandwiches with armagnac. In the morning, I came home to clean up and cook a simple breakfast of pasta with tomato sauce. But the best snack was probably the tray of bacon, which made the apartment smell like home, even as we were putting newspaper down and scrubbing the floors.

Eric Sundermann: The best thing I ate during Sandy? Nothing! I am a terrible cook and nowhere was open, so I just drank a lot of coffee. Thankfully I was lucky and my neighborhood didn’t lose power, so the next morning I got take-out Chinese.

Mallory Stuchin: Over the past three days, I’ve roasted three chickens, cooked two pints of tomato sauce, about a gallon of Miso soup, and countless pots of pasta. I’ve also put Parmesan cheese on basically everything.

Jessica Goodman: I bought a whole pizza pie and slowly ate through the entire thing from Monday afternoon until about 8 a.m. on Tuesday. Don’t judge me!

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