This Blackout Vs. The Last One



The last one, in 2003, came without warning.

It was the first NYC blackout in ages, so we were completely unprepared for it.

And it was scary and disorienting–and completely citywide!

Plus, cell phones gave out and it was impossible to reach people you cared about to see how they were doing and vice versa.

But for a lot of people, it was over pretty quickly.

This one came with a lot of advance notice, so we were stocked up on flashlights and tuna fish.

And only parts of NYC were blacked out.

But it’s lasting an eternity.

An eternity of dark stair climbing and relieving oneself into paper bags.

And that damned tuna.

And it’s way colder than last time!

But the cell phones work.

And a few places stand out in the murk:

Mustang Sally’s, on 28th and 7th, was one of the few restaurants open in that area on Tuesday, and though it was absolute madness, service-wise–understandably, considering the hordes who piled in–they were lovely little miracle workers and totally pulled it together.

Also, you could charge your phone in the lobby of the AMC Empire Theater when no one was looking.

Cheers to NYC for standing tall amidst one more horror.

Though I should add that it’s not over yet.