Bloomberg Gets Political: Mayor’s SuperPAC Spends Millions On House Races


With his quasi-endorsement of President Obama yesterday, it’s evident that Bloomberg is not afraid of stepping into the political boxing ring when he feels like it (even if he says Obama and Romney’s economic plans aren’t real). And, as we know, he has the funds to freely do so: just last week, we reported on the $750,000 he donated to same-sex marriage campaigns across the country as well as other past initiatives he’s funded with his own wallet.

Continuing on that note, the Mayor set up a SuperPAC – you know, those post-Citizens-United shadow funds that you can siphon dollars to candidates with – and vowed to spend a total of $15 million on like-minded candidates running for the house. Well, as of yesterday, the numbers are now up on Open Secrets for Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC and, damn, are they something to see.
With just four days before the election, the total expenditures so far: $6,009,253 towards both Democrats and Republicans. If he lives up to his original promise, that still leaves room for another $9 million or so to be spent over this weekend.
Let’s take a peak at whom our Mayor is betting his money on:
For Democrats…
 $2,545,424 to Gloria McLeod of California.
$1,849,648 to Val Demings of Florida.
$36,263 to Dan Maffei of Syracuse, New York.
Against Democrats…
– $130,278 spent against Joe Baca of California. Also, Politico has reported that Independence USA PAC bought $2,350,000 worth of negative media against Baca’s campaign. Lesson in point: don’t get on Bloomberg’s bad side or he’ll spend literal millions to make you look bad.
For Republicans…
– $909,966 to Robert Dold of Illinois.
– $15,000 to Andrew Roraback of Connecticut.
Against Republicans…
– $366,946 against Ann Marie Buerkle of Syracuse, New York. She’s running against Dan Maffei.
– $155,278 against Daniel Webster of Florida. He’s running against Val Demings and Politico reported that Bloomberg’s SuperPAC dropped $1,715,000 for negative media against him, too. Damn.
According to these numbers, Bloomberg’s SuperPAC is greatly focusing its funds on Democrats ($4,431,335) more so than Republicans ($977,144) – a point representative of his shift from a former Republican to an independent with socially liberal views. So, his emphasis on same-sex marriage, education investment and green energy may ostracize him a bit from a majority of the Grand Ol’ Party.
But, with the possibility of $9 million left to spend in the air, he still has some electioneering to do. Stay tuned for updates on the political ambitions of our Mayor-in-chief.