Queens Man Pulls Gun In Gas Line (While Waiting To Fill Up His BMW)


There’s a gas shortage in New York following Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, and it’s caused people to go to great lengths to fuel up.

Some people have spent hours waiting in gas lines. Others have pulled loaded guns on other motorists (allegedly) in order to cut the line — as is the case with a Queens man who apparently didn’t want to wait in line like everyone else to fill up his BMW.

Cue the “RichPeopleProblems” hashtag.

According to the Queens District Attorney’s Office, between 2:30 a.m. and 3:05 a.m. yesterday, 35-year-old Sean Bailey pulled his white 2010 BMW in front of another motorist at a gas station at the intersection of Astoria Boulevard and 43rd Street in Queens.

When the other motorist complained, Bailey pulled out a gun. He
then told the other motorist that “If you don’t pull back, you’re not
getting gas tonight.”

The other motorist called the cops, who caught up with Bailey shortly after.

When he was arrested, authorities say Bailey was in possession of a loaded .25
caliber Phoenix Raven pistol, which was holstered in his left boot.

been charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and
second-degree menacing. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

far, more than 15 people have been charged with crimes in Queens for
various acts of looting and chaos following this week’s devastating

Two of those arrests were two brothers — Anthony
Martin and Sean Martin, both 24 — who crashed a U-Haul truck into a
motorcycle shop in Queens Village in a failed attempt to loot the store.

According to the Queens D.A., Sean Martin was contacted by a guy named “Chino” on
October 30, and asked if he wanted to make some money.

Martin, his brother, and several other unidentified individuals broke
into a U-Haul parking lot, stole a truck, and went on a looting spree —
which came to an end when the band of thieves got the truck stuck in
the gate of the motorcycle shop.

They were arrested shortly after.

the City and many of its residents continue to recover from Hurricane
Sandy, there were others who allegedly used the storm and the chaos that
followed as cover to commit crimes,” Queens District Attorney Richard
Brown says. “What they have learned is that my office and other public
and law enforcement officials have a zero tolerance policy for those who
would exploit a natural disaster for their own gain. As I have stated
before, such lawlessness will be vigorously prosecuted by my office and
that we will seek the appropriate punishment befitting the crime.”