Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter Reopens After Sandy


Owner Keenan Coulter shuttled between the basement and the dining room all day Sunday, preparing for a reopening of the restaurant.

Last week’s Counter Culture review appeared at an unpropitious time for its subject, Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter. The Southern-style eatery is located on Avenue C, which was extensively flooded by the hurricane storm surge, resulting in massive damage to the businesses that line the avenue.

I spoke with owner and Virginia native Keenan Coulter on Sunday afternoon as he was emerging from the metal street door to the basement. “We didn’t do too bad upstairs, with only a couple of inches of water on the main floor.” This partly thanks to a doorway raised slightly above the sidewalk.

“Most of the damage was in the basement,” he continued. “We’ve replaced the circuit boxes and the wiring, but over the long haul we’ll need to replace all the drywall, too. But that won’t keep us from opening tonight.”

Serving lunch and dinner, the plain, unpretentious place offers set fried chicken and fried catfish dinners, specials that run to chicken pot pie and pulled pork, and a beguiling range of sandwiches, which you might just want to eat as an evening entrée.

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Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter
94 Avenue C

The wonderful pork chop sandwich comes with homemade chow chow at Bobwhite.