Dear Ohio Parents: Here’s What Prez Romney Would Do To Your Gay Sons


It’s even worse than you think.

He’s not only against gay marriage, he’s against civil unions.

He doesn’t believe in gay parenting.

He would rip a hole in the Constitution, desperate to add an amendment to take away gay rights rather than add or secure them.

He doesn’t think a gay should be able to visit a dying partner in the hospital.

His record on anti-bullyism is that of a bully.

Three Romney workers were let go when their gayness became public.

And on and on until it’s clear that this man would try to reverse all the developments we’ve made since the 1960s, delighting in throwing us back to a darker, more ignorant time.

So please think twice before voting for Romney–though if you hate your kids for being gay, then there’s just no reasoning with you.