Go to Canada and Drink a Toe


We’ve heard of drinks with egg whites, Tabasco sauce, chocolate, and many other surprising secret ingredients, but a Canadian bar in Dawson City uses something a little . . . different in its signature drink.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Sourtoe Cocktail — a staple at the Downtown Hotel’s Sourdough Saloon — is topped off with a preserved human toe.

To let that sink in, we will repeat: a preserved human toe.

The rules of the drink, which was created in 1973, are as follows: “Take a beer glass full of champagne, drop in the toe, tip the glass back . . . and the toe must touch the lips.” Now the Sourtoe can be substituted with any base liquor and costs $5.

Here are some reactions from those who survived the Sourtoe:

“It’s a bit gross looking. It tastes like plastic.” Chris Quickfall, 19
“This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done.” Levi Wiebe, 23
“I got it in my mouth a little.” Caleigh Miller, 30


Anybody know where we can get one of these in New York?

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