What I Learned In The Dark….


1) It’s not always as dark as you’d think.

Illumination streams in from all sort of car lights and other boroughs–plus my shiny outfits, which I craftily hung from doorknobs.

2) I’m way butcher than anyone ever thought.

Turns out I do have a pioneering spirit. While climbing stairs to nowheresville, I even started seeing the whole horror story as a bit of a fun adventure. For a while.

3) I’m quite resourceful.

I can do amazing things with plastic bags, bowls of water, and a flashlight. Maybe I should take that act on the road–where there’s light all year ’round.

4) My bike was handier than ever.

As everyone desperately tried to get a car service, hail a cab, share a cab, or pack themselves into a bus, I glided by, cool as a (slightly smelly) cucumber.

5) The closest laundromat to me that had power was 23 blocks away!

I decided to hang tight and just wait it out. By doing so, I managed to save a few bucks–and I pocketed a fortune by not opting for a hotel room!

6) Coffee-mate coagulates in room-temperature coffee.

Fortunately, there was power just four blocks away, where I regularly got hot coffee with actual milk.

7) I am loved and love you right back, NYC.

We all reached out to each other in mutual support and concern. And though I started thinking “Why not just live in Florida, since we get hurricanes here anyway?” I’ll stay put.

With extra batteries.

8) Fab as I am, I’ll never be as chic as Audrey Hepburn in the dark.

But it turns out I do have a certain glow.