Here’s How New York City Neighborhoods Voted in 2008 — and Probably Will Tonight


The map above shows how every precinct in New York City voted in the 2008 presidential election. As you can see, the map is pretty blue — and that’s not expected to change much after tonight’s decision — regardless of who wins the election.

Tonight, President Barack Obama will easily win New York — much thanks to the overwhelming support he has in New York City, where he received about 2.1 million of his 4.8 million total New York votes in 2008.

Regardless of how insignificant New York is in tonight’s election, Voice staffers will be stationed throughout the city to give our readers updated info from the Big Apple’s election night hubs.

Check us out as election night progresses. I’ll be at the New York Republican Party’s “victory party” in midtown, where there’s a good chance I’ll get my ass kicked by some of Hofstra University’s Young Republicans — all in the name of journalism, of course.

Check back for updates.