NY GOP Confident, Arrogant at Midtown “Victory Party”


The New York State Republican Party is holding its election night “victory party” on the third floor of the Westin Grand Central in Midtown right now, and spirits are high amongst GOPers as their horse in this year’s presidential election appears to stand a chance at pulling off a victory.

“I think it’s gonna be close vote-wise,” one GOPer said before returns started coming in, “but Romney’s gonna crush [Obama] in the electoral college.”
New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox riled up the crowd by explaining that New York’s “not a swing state,” but it’s the most important non-swing state because it’s “where the money is.”
Cox promised victories. In the Assembly, the state Senate, and in various Congressional races.
He made no mention of the Senate race between Republican candidate Wendy Long and Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand — and that’s likely because Long doesn’t stand a chance in hell at unseating the incumbent senator.
The presidential race appears too close to call at this point, but the Republicans in Midtown are ready to party — or cry; one woman told me she was moving to New Zealand if Obama was elected to a second term.
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