Remember To Vote For You Know Who!


Today’s the day you can get off your high horse and make a move that will actually affect your future.

Get off your Facebook, de-tweet your Twitter, stop texting for a goddamned minute, and get your ass out to the voting booth to pull the level that will determine whether you’ll live the next four years as a free-spirited American or a prisoner of weirdness.

And vote for…



You didn’t think after this week’s column about the slippery slope upon which Mitt Romney presides, that I was going to do a flipflop like he always does, and suddenly advocate a used car salesman for President?


That would be to laugh.

Let’s stick with Obama, who’s shown way more commitment to human rights and to actual devotion to reasonable ways to mend the economy, not make it worse and more stratified.

He won’t spiral us back to 1950s values, lopsided tax breaks, and bold, insensitive moves that could drive us into further despair.

No, he’s not perfect–far from it–but still, this is basically like voting for Meryl Streep over somebody from Transformers.

Besides, the guy looks like he’s so aged so much in the job that he must actually care!