Voter Fraud: A New York Tradition. Here’s Who To Call To Report Any Election Day Scumbaggery


Today is Election Day, which means two things: you are expected to perform your civic duty by participating in the Democratic process, and you can expect the possibility that slimeball political-types will be looking to cheat the system by doing things like getting your dead uncle to cast his vote for the candidate of the aforementioned slimeball’s choice.

Since the days of Tammany Hall, voter fraud has been an ongoing problem in New York’s political process. For example, between 1868 and 1871, the votes cast in the city totaled 8 percent more than the entire voting population. But federal authorities are on the lookout for any political scumbaggery and need your help to bring those who commit it to justice.

To help curb any potential voter fraud, the United States attorneys for the Eastern and Southern districts of New York have setup hotlines for voters to report any possible voter fraud.


Voter fraud can be perpetrated in many ways, including bribing or intimidating voters. Obviously, it’s also a crime to forge signatures on absentee ballots — as several Upstate Democratic politicians learned the hard way earlier this year.

The Feds have given examples of voter fraud — and provided phone numbers to call if you see it — in the document embedded below.

Happy Election Day, New York. The weather sucks and it’s only gonna get worse, but make sure you get out there and vote — but only do it once.