Which Celebs Have Been My Best Interviews?


I reveal just that in a new interview for Anolie magazine, conducted by Ricardo Louis.

And guess what all the best interviews subjects I’ve ever had happen to have in common?

They’re women!

So that ends the rumor that I don’t like women, right?

Though of course all the women I chose happen to be basically gay men with vaginas.

Speaking of body parts, I also talk about the star whose breasts were once declared off limits to me as an interview topic, which I didn’t mind at all since I hadn’t been thinking of that topic until it was brought up as a no-no.

The piece also probes my weird psychology when it comes to sexual game playing–something a lot of you might be able to relate to, regardless of gender or sexuality.

So do read the interview!

It’s short but pithy and oh so penetrating–sort of like Peter Dinklage.

Who was a great interview.

See, I do like me some men too.