A Quick Guide To Broadway Nights At Gay Bars


Monday is the big night for weekly Broadway-related events at gay bars because most shows are dark that night, and the boites hope the customers and performers are available to straggle in with Fosse hands a-shaking.

Mixing Broadway and booze, these parties tend to attract theater-queens and their friends who thrill to anything Broadway, whether it be a chorus boy doing both parts of “Suddenly Seymour” or even a white girl who can actually hit the high notes in Dreamgirls and Les Miz.

Some of the best such bashes are:

Musical Mondays at Splash at 50 W. 17th Street.

The long-running event features Broadway videos (when Rent comes on, the crowd starts robotically chanting along as if possessed by gay Kool-Aid), as well as live performances by up-and-coming types, which have gotten more plentiful than ever; last Monday, they brought out 17 acts! Broadway really cares!

Diva at Industry Bar (355 W. 52 Street).

Fabulous singer Marty Thomas and his big-lunged divas Kelly King, Alexa Green, and Marissa Rosen have pipes, and trot them out in fully rehearsed numbers. (The material is not always Broadway per se, but it often has a distinct Broadway flavor to it.)

Two nights ago they did a belated Halloween show–Sandy had gotten in the way (and I don’t mean the character from Annie)–and it didn’t feel old at all. These people can sang.

Broadway Mondays in the lounge at xl (512 W. 42 Street).

This new event is Justin Luke’s spirited theater-song-fest, hosted by Wicked‘s Ben Cameron and featuring Michael James Roy and Joshua Stephen Kartes as musical directors for five and a half hours of live piano singalong. There’s no cover and two-for-one drinks from 6-10 PM. Refreshingly enough, they do some songs even I’ve never heard of.

Open Call Sundays at Hardware Bar (697-10th Avenue)

The new bar has launched this Brandon Cutrell-hosted weekly party in celebration of Broadway. And you read that right–it’s on Sunday!

And on Wednesday nights, drag star Vodka Stinger does Big Broadway Clip Show at Hardware’s sister bar, Pieces (8 Christopher Street), where the crowd thrills to video gems showing Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Dorothy Loudon, Mulan, and even some males.

So you can do Sunday matinee, then Open Call, four Broadway parties, show, matinee, show, Clip Show, show, show, matinee, show–and there’s your week!

Sing out, Weezy!