Breaking Item: Cheri Oteri Is Going Into NEWSical The Musical


From December 3 to the 30th, the riotously funny Cheri Oteri–best known from Saturday Night Live and other comedy shows–will explode onto the stage of NEWSical The Musical!

That’s the constantly updating, never self-censoring musical mockery of current events that’s sort of like The Daily Show with choreography.

I just talked to Cheri, who called from L.A. about this exciting News (ical).

Hi, Cheri. I love you!! What will you do in NEWSical?

I’m not sure what they’re gonna cover, but there’s so much happening right now with the aftermath of Sandy and the election. It’s kind of a last minute thing and I was excited to see my family. My sister went out in the storm to visit a friend in the hospital and got in an accident and fractured her neck, but she’s going to be fine, thank God.

My stepmom just got her power turned on. She’s emotionally a mess because she’s originally from Staten Island and the house she grew up with is even gone. It affected a lot of people. I feel like I want to be there.

I feel like I’m going back at a good time. I want to see how everybody is and be close to them. Besides that, it’s exciting with everything that’s going on right now. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to have me do! I think they’ll want my input, also.

I’m going home in two different ways–creatively and going back to New York and being so close to my family in Philly and Jersey. It fell into place…

Then I have my cousin from Italy who’s a shoe designer, Alessandro Oteri. He’s gonna be there. The stars are aligned–I just hope I don’t suck.

Please. You’re always delightful.

From your lips…

To Ben Brantley’s ears. But your family and friends can’t all get comps, you know!

No kidding. We all need to get paid. [laughs]

Will this show be more or less pressure than SNL?

It’s eight shows a week. It’s pressure in a different way. But I know I’m probably not gonna get cut five minutes before air! [On SNL], people would come visit me and say ‘You’re gonna have a great show,’ and between dress and air, all your stuff could be cut. Then you have to go out with those people afterwards.

Even when I did my first sitcom, which was Just Shoot Me, there was such a sense of peace because I knew I wasn’t gonna get cut. I don’t think people realize I was always walking on eggshells. You just didn’t know on SNL. It was like auditioning every week for a show you already got.

But did you bond with the other amazing women [Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph]?

I felt really lucky to be a part of that group. And so many great things have happened for women since I was on there, and it’s so nice to see how strong the women have gotten and their voices.

But God knows what’s getting cut. What else are you up to? I know you did a New Normal episode.

Those guys–Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha–are hysterical. I did a scene with them and we were cracking up. Max Winkler, Henry’s son, directed it. It was a blast. I play a CPR instructor. It airs Tuesday the 13th. And today I got the call that they want me to come back–yes! I jumped for joy. And the script isn’t even written yet.

Also, I did a movie in Ridgewood, New Jersey called Bad Parents. I had so much fun. It’s about soccer parents. The woman who wrote it, you know that she lived this. I had a blast with Janeane Garofalo, Chris Titus, and Kristen Johnston. And I did Adam Sandler’s movie Grown Ups 2, coming out in the summer. I had so much fun, with Steve Buscemi playing my husband.

Fab! Back to NEWSical. You won’t get cut, but is there still pressure?

I always end up putting pressure on myself because I’m scared to death.

What? You don’t have nerves of steel?

My nerves are like overcooked linguini!

Oh, come on. Simmer down, now.