Autograph Convention Report: Virginia Madsen Nice, Penny Marshall Not Nice


This week’s column is a breathless, hilarious romp through a Chiller Theatre convention of stars on every step of the show biz ladder, warmly greeting their fans while wisely charging them for autographs.

Come with me as I get entranced by Connie Stevens, Morgan Brittany, Steven Bauer, and the original Angel, all of whom gave me free chats and poses.

You will also learn which director bitterly crossed out someone else’s legendary name on every poster he signed.

And why Penny Marshall snapped at me and an old Avengers stars told me off.

Oh, and I also talked to Big Bird!

And the female costar from Creature From The Black Lagoon!

And the woman who played Annie in the movie!

And Virginia Madsen, my personal fave!

And ran into Joan Collins, Linda Blair, Lee Majors, and scads more!

The B list doesn’t get more A list than this.


I normally charge five dollars, but for you, it’s gratis.