It’s Time To End The Electoral College


That’s the theme of this editorial in The Nation, and I have to agree that a change in the system would be most welcome.

It’s kind of bizarre to know that a candidate won after getting a certain number of electoral votes, and not even have to ask if they got a majority of the popular votes.

In 2000, you’ll recall, Al Gore got more votes than Dubya–even with all the tampering and intimidation–and he should have won the prize.

In this case, Obama got more electoral and popular votes, so we can breathe easily.

But ascribing a certain number of points to each state seems archaic, when each of us individuals should have one point.

Every American should have a single vote which counts equally with everyone else’s, right?

And that would be achieved by using the popular tally!

Come on, if the electoral college is so great, why don’t they pick Senators that way too?

(Twelve electoral votes for New York City, three for Westchester, and so on).

Because that would be silly–though the news channels would love it!

Nothing seems to please them more than highlighting all kinds of maps with their hands.

Enough with the map highlighting.

And it’s time we dropped out of the electoral college.