Mayor Bloomberg’s Super PAC Scores Victories (and Losses) on Election Night


Last week, we reported on the millions spent by the Hizzoner’s self-constructed super PAC on House campaigns across the country in the lead-up to Election Day. The money was sent to candidates that the mayor shared similar views with, whether it was on education, small business initiatives or same-sex marriage (a cause that he donated an additional $750,000 to defend).

And it was not just limited to New York: The benefactors of Independence USA, headed by Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, were found in California, Florida, Illinois, and Connecticut. In some cases, millions were spent in negative media against a certain candidate. At every chance he had, Bloomberg sought to flex his financial and political muscle (tack on the quasi-endorsement he gave Obama as well) in races he deemed worthy.

So now that the results are in, how did the billionaire-in-chief do on election night 2012? Well, if you tally up victories and losses, pretty damn good.
Well, for starters, the donations to declare same-sex marriage legal all proved to be successful: Maryland, Maine, and Washington have joined the pack of states expanding the human rights of homosexuals. Also, Bloomberg pulled $125,000 out of his wallet to defeat a provision that would’ve strengthened the existing anti-same-sex-marriage law. As of Tuesday, that provision was defeated, and now the pathway to repealing it is much more feasible.
In terms of candidates, super PAC spokesperson Stefan Friedman told the Daily News that there were 19 victories on Bloomberg’s side. Here are a few to spotlight:
– Gloria Negrete McLeod (D), a target of the NRA, was elected to Congress in California.
Gift from Bloomberg: $2,545,424. And he spent $130,278 against McLeod’s opponent, Joe Bacca.


– Syracuse Representative Dan Maffei (R) will reclaim his seat in Congress.


Gift from Bloomberg: $36,263. And he spent $366,946 against Maffei’s opponent, Ann Marie Buerkle.


And here are a few of the losses:
Val Demmings (D) lost her election in Florida to Daniel Webster, whom the Mayor spent $1.7 million on to defeat. 
Gift from Bloomberg: $1,849,648.
Robert Dold (R) from Illinois will not return to the Hill in January. 
Gift from Bloomberg: $909,966.
 And neither will Andrew Roraback (R) of Connecticut
Gift from Bloomberg: $15,000.
Lessons learned: Although Bloomberg can’t win every battle, it’s now blatantly evident that if he spends millions fighting against you, you will lose. Onward to 2016!