Who’ll Be President In 2016?


In this article, a pundit argues that it’ll be Hillary Clinton.

If she runs, that is.

Says the author:

“The economy will proably be strong by then, and I don’t think the Republican A-team–who sat this election out–is nearly as formidable as their supporters hope.

Hillary Clinton and Corey Booker versus Paul Ryan and Bobby Jindal?

“It would be an interesting campaign, but the Democrats are killing it on demographics.

“It’s also within the realm of possibility that Sarah Palin will rally the Tea Party vote, win the nomination, and then get crushed in a 1984-esque landslide.

“But my money is on a close Clinton victory over intellectually serious opponents.”

Well, if it’s in the realm of possibility that Palin would be Clinton’s opponent, then we’ve really come a long way, baby.

It would mean two women battling it out for the top leadership spot in the country!

But hold onto your brassieres, folks–let’s not factor out the guys just yet.

The formidable Andrew Cuomo is a distinct possibility for the Dems and Marco Rubio looms as a choice for Repubs who might finally realize that they’ve shut out so many Latinos and blacks with their onanistic approach.

Of course it’s all such a long ways off that we’ll just have to wait and see before firming up these guesses.

I’ll check back in two days!