How to Make The Reverend from Seersucker


Chalk it up to the week’s latest Nor’easter, but something about these recent events might have left some New Yorkers seeking a higher power. Fortunately, we can find solace exactly where we left it — behind the bar. Today’s cocktail recipe, The Reverend, was created by the team at Seersucker Brooklyn. The drink uses rhubarb to riff on a classic old fashioned, combining notes of black pepper, orange and “toasty” caramel in a glass.

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The Drink: The Reverend

The Bar: Seersucker Brooklyn

The Price: $11

The Ingredients: 2 oz Elijah Craig bourbon, ¼ oz black pepper syrup (1 part hot water, 1 part sugar, ¼ parts ground pepper. Mix all ingredients and stir until all ingredients are well integrated, chill and strain), 4 dashes of Rhubarb bitters (we use our own however you can also use Fee Brothers rhubarb bitters)

The Method: Mix bourbon and syrup. Add bitters, plenty of ice and stir lightly. Strain in a chilled rocks glass. Garnish with an orange peel.