What To Do When Someone Makes A Racist Remark?


I was recently at a gathering in the boroughs when I commented to someone I’d just met that I felt Obama would probably win the election.

“Yeah,” she replied, “because all the boogies are gonna come out and vote.”

I was so stunned I couldn’t even summon the moxie to tell her off.

I simply pretended I didn’t hear, made some unrelated remark, then tried to avoid her the rest of the day.

More recently, someone I know sent out a mass email congratulating Obama for winning and saying “Four more years of ham hocks, collard greens, fried chicken, and dandelions in the White House.”

Again, I didn’t respond–but I’m surely blocking them from ever spewing junk like that at me again.

Can you believe this type of stuff is not only still out there, but that people feel emboldened enough to toss it out in public?

And am I handling this kind of situation right by responding with a sort of silent refusal?

Or would you go into righteous screams and rip them a new one?