Win Tickets To See Henry Rollins At Joe’s Pub!


Some ridiculous dipshit* somewhere, we don’t know who**, once said “There are no second acts in American lives.” Really now? Try telling that to cop killer Ice T next time he’s drinking wine with a smitten Kathie Lee and Hoda on the fourth hour of the Today show like he did yesterday. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger, World Champion Austrian Bodybuilder turned California Governor turned … well, who knows what’s next for him? Pope? Or Nicholas Brody, the dutiful Marine turned Terrorist turned CIA informant.

But you’re best to tell Henry Rollins, the one-time Black Flag singer and all-time punk icon turned actor, author, thinker, traveler, well known liar and white supremacist*** who makes his way to Joe’s Pub this weekend and into next week for a series of speaking engagements on his The Long March tour. You can tell him after one of his shows. We’ll even give you the tickets.

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Rollins has, over these last few years, punched his Passport more than most, and has seen the world up close: lived it, felt it, breathed it all in. Along the way he’s seen some incredible things, and will be telling tale of his travels at Joe’s. He started last night, in fact, and is at Joe’s until the 13th. We’re happy to give you tickets to his Monday, November 12th show. All you have to do to win them is be a functioning adult human in the year 2012. That means, of course, having a Twitter account. You’ll need to follow us @soundofthecity, but you should be doing that already. To win the tickets just @ us “I <3 HENRY GARFIELD” and we’ll pull the lucky winner from our messages. Shoot us as many @s as you’d like. The more you send, the more you’ll increase your chance of winning. You’ll also likely piss everyone in your timeline off, which is just a bonus. We’ll notify the winner via DM. Contest ends Monday morning, the 12th.

Best of luck.

* Jokez

** Jokez II

*** In his very well acted role on Sons of Anarchy.

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