“Fat Blocking” Pepsi Moves Through Japan


Tomorrow, Japanese Pepsi distributors will unveil a “fat blocking” version of their classic cola that has been pumped up with wheat dextrin, the same ingredient found in Benefiber. No, this is not a diet soda, but one that allows imbibers to “absorb less fat form their food.” How does it work? Well . . .

After wheat dextrin is ingested it travels, basically undisturbed, through the intestines. This also means that it picks up previously eaten food along the way before it leaves your body for good (i.e., a nice way of saying you should stay close to a bathroom). The dextrin theory was previously tested on rats before being given the OK by Pepsi.

No word on whether high-fiber Pepsi, or any of those awesome Kit Kat spinoffs, will find its way to the U.S. anytime in the future. [The Atlantic]