Lance Armstrong Sends Out a Taunting Photo


As part of his Twitter feed this weekend, Lance Armstrong sent out a photo of himself reclining in front of the seven Tour de France jerseys he won.

He captioned the photo, “Back in Austin and just layin’ around.”

The image seems to be a defiant, perhaps downright bratty statement that’s basically saying “These jerseys are still mine and I’m still proud of them and fully entitled to flaunt them.”

But why are they still his?

The International Cycling Union stripped those victories from him after the Anti-Doping Agency did that crackdown and Lance was banned from cycling events overseen by the USADA, blah blah.

What good is stripping someone of their victories if you don’t strip them of the actual trophies?

I’m just guessing here, but maybe their point of view is:

“They’re just framed jerseys, Lance. Hang them and pose with them all you want. Even wear them, for cripes’ sake. They’re utterly meaningless because your wins have been nulled and voided! But we’ll get around to seizing them back someday anyway, so don’t get too attached to them.”

By the way, because of the very same “doping” scandal, Lance’s 2000 Olympic bronze medal win is currently under investigation.

Wanna bet he next sends out a photo of himself wearing it, with the caption, “Just layin’ around”?