Satirizing Presidential Politics Is Nothing New


It existed way before The Daily Show and even before Saturday Night Live!

In fact, a 1962 comedy album starring comedian/impersonator Vaughn Meader was a cultural phenomenon and ended up winning the Grammy for Album of the Year.

And 50 years later, it’s back and bigger than ever.

Bob Booker, who coproduced the album and appears on it, just wrote me all about.

Said Bob:

“On October 12, 1962, as President John F. Kennedy broadcast his famous ‘Cuban crisis’ speech, the cast of our The First Family Album stood in a recording studio in midtown Manhattan and recorded what was to become the ‘largest and fastest selling album in the history of the record industry’.

“Approximately four weeks later, after the Kennedy/Castro matter cooled, we released the album on November 13, 1962 on the Cadence Label.

“My then partner, Earl Doud, and I wrote and produced the album, which sold more than a million copies a week for the next 7 1/2 weeks.

“We won Grammys for Album of the Year and Comedy Album of the Year, gold records by the dozens, and every award imaginable.

“This November 13, this 50th Anniversary Package will go on sale.”

And it includes Volumes one and two, plus a third volume which features Kennedy’s comments, Vaughn’s first ever TV appearance, and other background material.

Got it?

So, get it.