West Villagers “Traumatized” by Five Whole Days of No Electricity Now Have a “Support Group”


While the vast majority of West Village residents had power restored last week after a harrowing five-day blackout following Hurricane Sandy, the trauma of being without power for a few days can have lingering effects.

Those trips to Trader Joe’s to replace the perishable gourmet foods that didn’t survive the blackout. Catching up on all the television missed during the brief stint without power. Where will West Villagers find the time? Or the energy? Or the strength?

Luckily, there is now a “support group” to help these victims recover from the trauma of not having electricity for five days.

I called Barry to get a sense of what this support group offers. I’ve yet to hear back.

I’m told by a West Village resident that during this horrific blackout, West Villagers were forced to attend bistros lit by candles, and cops patrolled the streets “every three minutes.” How these brave West Village heroes survived such an ordeal, we’ll never know.

live in Brooklyn, but hopefully Barry will make an exception and include me
in his support group to offer a little guidance as I work my way through my own personal hurricane trauma — I mean, I never lost power at my Crown Heights
apartment, but my HD channels were slightly less HD after the storm. The

I know what you’re probably thinking: “How did you
survive watching Monday Night Football in less than HD quality?” Well,
it was a struggle — but I endured. But I’ll never look at Drew Brees
the same.

Help me, Barry. Please?

Oh, by the way, people in Staten Island, the Rockaways, New Jersey, and Long Island are currently living in what resembles a war zone. But let’s spread the word and get these West Village heroes the help they desperately need.