A Chanukah Carol Is Jewbilant–And Back


Jackie Hoffman is bringing back her hilarious A Chanukah Carol in which the famed kvetchaholic rethinks her life after being visited by Ghosts of Chanuah Past, Present, and Future, and Molly Picon.

As a Dickens musical, this will made Edwin Drool while putting a cocktail Oliver in your Manischewitz.

To celebrate its return, I asked Hoffman two little questions:

*Anything new in the show?


There are some added bits, in fact. The spirit of Chanukah Past remarks on my sexual history and tells me that it inspired his gay porn collections. I remark that I’m glad they weren’t cracking down on illegal immigration then or I never would have gotten laid. We also put in a bit about hysterectomy and my brush with death while working at the Manhattan Theatre Club. There has to be a redundancy joke in there somewhere. What’s different about it is that it is different from any Christmas child-filled song-of-hope red and green ugly crap.

*What do you want for Chanukah this year besides good reviews?


A miracle of eight full houses. And anything by Burberry. And any part that Katie Finneran turned down.