Eat Deodorant, Smell like Roses


Deodorant is boring. Candy is not. So why bother with an anti-BO stick when you can just eat something sweet, wait a little while, and then smell like flowers?

Deo Perfume Candy, a “body fragrancing functional candy” from Bulgaria, is designed so that after you eat about four pieces of candy, the ingredients will evaporate through your skin and excrete a pleasant rosy fragrance. The jury is out on the taste test, but the company claims the candy is also rose-flavored.

Deo seems like a more come-hither version of garlic or cumin, but this one is designed to keep others around.

There are other edible perfumes in Europe and Japan, but Deo is the first to make its debut on Amazon. This week, they sold out of $7.99 bags (even the sugar-free edition sold out!), but they promise to be in stock and on shelves in the U.S. soon. Can’t you taste the smell?