Elmo Puppeteer Says “I Am A Gay Man!”



Kevin Clash is the talented puppeteer who does Elmo on Sesame Street, which is having quite a year what with the unsuccessful Romney attack on Big Bird and all.

But Clash says he doesn’t put his hand up minors.

As you’ve heard, a man came forward and said he had a relationship with Clash which started seven years ago when the man was just 16.

Clash says he did have the relationship, but denies the underage charge and adds, “I am a gay man. I have never been ashamed of this or tried to hide it.”

That’s nice.

But I remember a recent documentary about Clash which mentioned an ex-wife and a daughter, but I certainly don’t remember any gayness being addressed (though I do recall being impressed by Clash’s unapologetic flamboyance).

Nor can I find anything gay in this interview Clash did about being a father.

Of course it’s quite possible that Clash wasn’t exactly encouraged to be open by his producers.

In any case, this whole story doesn’t tickle me or Elmo, but the show did an investigation and said they found the charge unsubstantiated, though there was some “poor judgment” on behalf of Clash’s behavior–for example, he violated company rules for Internet use–and he was disciplined for it.

Sure enough, the puppeteer is on a break from the show–but it’s so he can concentrate on protecting his reputation and deal with the false accusations!

This is getting more and more fascinating.


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