New Shuffleboard Club Opening In Brooklyn!


And I found out about it while playing Bingo!

I joined Murray Hill and Linda Simpson in calling Bingo numbers last night at the Hotel Chantelle to help raise money for the Ali Forney Center. (Their drop-in center was devastated by the hurricane, so granny’s board game came to the rescue, all hepped up and reinvented with wacky humor.)

It was a hilariously zingy night, and I must say I reached my bad-taste high when a German contestant who won Bingo told the crowd that she works for UNICEF.

“That doesn’t make up for the holocaust,” I quipped.

A hushed reaction, then laughs.

“What a ridiculous thing to say!” chimed in Linda.

“Of course it does!”

Anyway, the next round involved three winners getting naked to nab drink tickets, and it turned out that one of the nudies–whom Murray said looks like what he’d look like sans clothes–announced that he’s opening a shuffleboard club at 514-Union Street in Brooklyn next April.


To have weekly Bingo that’s not in a church and now shuffleboard that’s not on a cruise is my idea of non-life-threatening recreational heaven.