Simeonette Mapes Murder: Husband Busted in Slaying of Staten Island Teacher


Over the summer, we reported that a Staten Island woman survived a shootout near the Brooklyn school where she and her husband taught, only to get fatally stabbed the following week.

“The Cypress Hill[s] projects are no joke,” 29-year-old Simeonette Mapes posted on her Facebook page following the shootout.

Turns out, her husband is no joke, either — he was arrested this morning and charged with her murder.

Jonathan Crupi was arrested this morning at his mother’s home, where he has been staying since his wife was brutally murdered on July 5, in the home the couple shared.

At the time of the murder, Crupi told police he’d left the home that morning to run some errands. He returned about 2 p.m. to find his wife dead on the floor in the entry way to the apartment, he said. She’d been stabbed 15 times.

The murder scene appeared to be a home invasion — the apartment was
ransacked, but it was unclear at the time whether anything was stolen.
But law-enforcement sources tell local media outlets that they always
suspected the scene was staged.

Mapes had been a social studies teacher with the Department of Education
since 2006. In 2009, she started teaching at School for Classics High
School in Brooklyn, which is located across from the Cypress Hills
housing projects.

On June 28, a shootout at the projects prompted Mapes to post “Crupi and
I survived a shoot-out today . . . Thank God we are ok, I’m
sure over summer school we’ll find out what the fighting was about. The
Cypress Hill Projects are no joke,” on Facebook. She then referred to the incident as “just a hazard of working in East NY, Brooklyn.”

A friend responded by writing “Only. Two incredible people and bad ass teachers could view something like this as ‘just a hazard of working in East NY.'”

It’s unclear what led authorities to Crupi. Check back for updates.