Zombies Rob Bank


On Saturday, October 27, two men walked into a Capital One Bank at Ovington Avenue and Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn just after 2 p.m. One had on a red plaid shirt, jeans and white tennis shoes. The other had on a gray shirt with jeans and dark sneakers. They were both wearing blue latex gloves, and they both carried handguns. And, they were wearing zombie masks.

According to the NYPD, the two approached the bank teller and demanded money. The teller went and retrieved an undisclosed sum, then handed it to the subjects. The pair fled the bank.
That’s supposed to be the end of the story, but it’s not, because luckily enough, some bank robbers are bad at robbing banks. On the Saturday before Halloween, the day that millions of young adults around the world were dressed in costumes–many of them, in fact, wearing street clothes while hiding their faces under assorted lame masks–our zombies left their eventual getaway vehicle, a silver four-door sedan, with their masks off, and walked up to the bank with their blue latex gloves on.
Their faces were captured on nearby security cameras approaching the bank. The guy in plaid is white, and estimated at 5-foot-10. The one in gray is also white, and about two inches  shorter. They both were brunettes with short, cropped haircuts. 
If one of these cretins zombies looks familiar, call NYPD Crimestoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS. And for you young, aspiring delinquents out there, let this be a lesson: if you’re planning on using a mask to rob a bank, it’s generally a good idea to actually wear the mask.