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Last summer, Patrick Waldo was arrested on a felony charge for a most terrible crime indeed: drawing curly moustaches on subway ads. The 27-year-old graffiti artist, known as the Moustache Man, and his trusty Magic Marker had apparently caused $1,500 in damage by scrawling his signature ’staches on the faces of celebrities and models. But Waldo didn’t do it just because out-of-place hair is consistently hilarious. He had a message: With advertisers constantly telling us what to think, shouldn’t we be able to give them a piece of our minds? In his new one-man show, Moustache Man: Confessions of a Graffiti Artist, Waldo presents a humorous account of what it takes to get past the inherent anonymity of street art and become one of the city’s most recognizable taggers. Bring your Sharpie in case inspiration strikes you on the way home.

Wed., Nov. 21, 9:30 p.m., 2012

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